COVID-19 has closed schools and is taking a toll on the mental health of adults and students. Even when schools are cleared to reopen, the term “normal” will have an entirely new meaning. Students will continue to deal with stress, mental health issues, and there could be an upsurge in shooters or suicides. The Texas Guardians suite of apps was developed specifically for educational facilities and is able to adapt to any situation that may arise when school resumes.

A week of neglect in terms of students’ mental health will cost a year of repair and that’s a recipe for mental health disaster. Student stress is disrupting sleep patterns, causing difficulty concentrating, and resulting in atypical behaviors. That won’t end when school reopens. Educational staff, parents and caregivers will also be dealing with their own trauma and it could result in less attention to students.

COVID-19 has changed all aspects of everyday life and everyone reacts differently to stress and fear. The Texas Guardians app has components for teachers, bus drivers and campus security to report any number of problems that educational staff may encounter with students and their mental health needs. It enables users to discreetly report a comprehensive array of situations.

The nine-part app performs multiple functions and has a panic button. Incidents of cyberbullying, physical stalking, dating violence, sexual assault, and violence against school personnel in and outside of the school environment can be reported. The app provides mental health reporting as part of the mental health policies established in Senate Bill 11 for schools that was passed by the Texas Legislature.

The app assists in identifying at-risk students as part of the mental health assessment, investigative, and intervention process. It has functionalities to protect physical and mental well-being including:

  • Identify, assess and assist a troubled person

  • Notify everyone in the campus instantly when a lockdown is being requested

  • Identify the threat; locate the suspect and direct law enforcement to eliminate the threat (instantly)

  • Locate the bus under siege and to direct law enforcement to the exact location

  • Identify the injured during an active shooting, locate the victim, and asses the injuries

  • Prepare, document and assist the Injured with visible injuries to ER rooms

  • Speed dials 911

  • Issues an intra-facility notification

  • Alerts all users if a lockdown is initiated

  • Provides the exact location of the user

  • Automatically dims the light on the phone

  • Silences the ringer to help users avoid detection

  • Activates the camera to obtain a photo of the perpetrator if it’s safe to do so

  • Utilizes the data from users to triangulate on the shooter’s precise position

  • Works via SMS messaging even if an Internet connection is unavailable

  • Provides the speed and location of any bus that is under siege

Other notifications can be created and the app has built-in warnings that will go to the appropriate agency for events and emergencies encompassing:

  • When a shooter is seen

  • Shots are fired nearby

  • An explosion is heard

  • The need for fire/rescue/medics

  • Suspicious behaviors

  • A gun or knife is spotted

  • Human trafficking

  • Someone is poisoned or killed

  • A suicide

  • Talk of a bomb is overheard

  • Stop the bleed

  • Stash house

  • Disgruntled employee

  • Disruptive student or other individual

  • Bullying

Users can also request security for disgruntled or disruptive students without the need to call the police department. The app can be customized with the school’s logo and colors to make it appear as an ordinary school app. Custom alert messages and notifications can be created, updates are provided free, and there are no set up fees.

The Texas Guardians app conforms to all specifications for advanced technology set forth in Senate Bill 11 for schools. It’s part of a robust plan of protection and safety for any school and adheres to recommendations by the Department of Homeland Security. The Texas Guardians app is endorsed by a variety of law enforcement agencies and is already in use by forward-thinking school districts.

During the COVID-19 crisis, students are being asked to cope with issues encompassing unprecedented levels of stress and fear, isolation, depression, and food insecurity. In some instances, they may also be living with adults that have turned to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. Older students themselves may have become users.

The Texas Guardians app is a unique solution not available anywhere else and is able to evolve quickly to meet changing circumstances. It’s an essential tool for student and staff protection, safety, and to help them cope with the mental and emotional effects in the aftermath of COVID-19.

You want a solution, then hear us out.

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