We’re the Texas Guardians, a mobile app development company specializing in security and safety technology. We have a team of experts that constantly monitor for new and emerging threats. We help mitigate those threats through the development of technological solutions.

Our latest innovation is Monitoring Thermometer Logistics (MTL), a thermometer that attaches to a mobile phone. It’s created to meet CDC standards for reopening schools and it’s part of our active shooter safety software. The touchless thermometer attaches to a phone via a USB cord. If the child has a fever, a notification is automatically sent to the parents so they can pick the child up.

The MTL will be designed to have a friendly and non-threatening appearance to young children. It’s an essential part of the ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 mandated by the CDC.

Our thermometer is designed specifically for schools. Imagine screening 1,000 children or more every day. Our MTL is accurate, affordable, and makes scanning large numbers of children much quicker.

The MTL is part of our larger suite of apps developed and created specifically for school safety. There’s one for teachers, bus drivers, and campus security to report everything from bullying to an active shooter. It’s endorsed by multiple police agencies and meets Dept. of Homeland Security recommendations for a technological component of a robust school safety plan. Our thermometer, like our app, is making environments safer spaces for everyone.

You want a solution, then hear us out.

This site and its contents are for serious individuals.     

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